sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2007

Por quem tu és...

"Because Of Who You Are"

"Because of Who You Are
I praise you Lord, 'cause you died to take my place
I thank you Lord,
for I bless you Lord,
you're the one that I adore
I love you Lord, because of who you are
I trust you Lord, 'cause you hold the word in place
You made it all in less than seven days
I see you Lord, when I look near and I look far
I love you Lord, because of who you are
The mountain peaks the oceans wide
They speak your name they testify
To all that is and all that was and all that is to come
You're the Great I Am, You're the Holy One
You're the One and Only Son of God
I hear you Lord, when you whisper in my ear
To comfort me and let me know you're near
You come to me, I don't have to wish upon no star
I love you, Lord, because of who you are(Chorus)
I know you Lord 'cause you reached out your hand
To rescue me and show me how to stand
In truth and love, more than I could ever, ever ask for
I love you, Lord, because of who you are
You are the start, you are the end, you are the savior,and my friend
You are the life, you are the breath,you are the love that conquers death
You bring the sun, you bring the rain, you bringthe peace amidst the pain
You're everything that's good and right, you are thechange in my life

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